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We’re not just technicians, we are enthusiasts, and we understand what it takes to turn back the clock on a vintage Porsche. Whether you want a "fresh from the factory" stock restoration or a one-off custom outlaw build that sets you apart from the crowd, we will work with you every step of the way to make your vision a reality. All work is done in-house, under one roof, by skilled craftsmen and mechanics.



The laws of physics must be followed, including sadly the Law of Entropy. Things can and will break due to time and the high demands Porsche drivers put on their machines. We only service and repair air-cooled Porsche automobiles, so we have the skills to diagnose and repair issues as they occur, getting you back out there!


and Body

Our highly-skilled paint and body team includes talented fabricators, welders, and painters who know these cars panel by panel. We only use the finest Sikkens automotive finishing products for a durable, flawless, long-lasting finish for Porsche restorations.

Paint & Body


We hope our clients spend most of their time enjoying their cars from the driver’s seat, not just admiring it from the outside (though that’s not bad either). Your interior should be a place you want to be, whether you’re going for a stock factory look and feel or a bespoke interior tailored to your exact tastes, our in-house upholstery can make it happen.

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Latest Testimonial

Hello, Julian
As you may have heard, I dropped off the original driver’s front fender and front bumper last Friday.  I couldn’t believe how much progress had been made on my car already!  Everyone at your shop is so friendly and welcoming.  Jason encouraged me to hang out as long as I wanted, which was sure generous.  I wish I could have stayed longer.  Also, I received a call from Aaron this week.  He had a few questions for me.  He was super helpful, and he also put Teo on the phone, who was pleasant and helpful.  So far, this has been a fantastic experience.  
Jason talked a bit about how the factory paint always had some variability from batch to batch.  A few years ago I ordered an Irish Green paint chip from Wilhoit.  It’s really dark, even in the sunlight.  I know that ambient light can change paint appearance, and that seeing photos online can be inaccurate, but I really love the way Porsche’s one millionth 911 in Irish Green looks.  It seems to be more toward green and less toward black.  Again, I’ve never seen it, or any other Irish Green Porsche in person, but I really like all the photos of that one millionth car I’ve seen online.  I’m hoping y’all can do something similar on my car.
Thanks a ton,

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Our Services

here are some of

the many Porsche services we offer:

In addition to our professional focus on servicing and constructing Porsches, it’s worth highlighting that a substantial portion of our team members have personally undertaken the tasks of building, driving, and even participating in races with their own vintage Porsche restorations.

Why Choose Werks 11?
we live and breathe vintage Porsche.

Porsche Specialist

For over three decades, Werks 11 has focused exclusively on Porsches. Our team consists of accomplished mechanics, welders, metalworkers, painters, and upholsterers who collaborate in-house to fulfill all of our clients' aspirations.


Many contented customers revisit our accredited service for preventative maintenance or to seek assistance from our expert auto mechanics. Your top choice for Porsche restoration expertise!


We stand by the excellence of our workmanship. This is why we're prepared to address any recurring issues at no additional cost!

Werks11 Porsche specialists are passionate about Porsches. Our team of experts has the knowledge, experience, and dedication needed to work on these exceptional cars. We understand the unique complexities of Porsche automobiles and have a deep appreciation for the brand's history, engineering, and design.

As Porsche enthusiasts ourselves, we know that Porsches require specialized care and attention. That's why at Werks11, we specialize in servicing, repairing, restoring and sometimes modifying Porsche vehicles. You can trust us to deliver the highest level of service, tailored specifically to your Porsche. Whether it's routine maintenance, complex repairs, or intricate restoration projects, our team is committed to ensuring that your high-performance vehicle is in excellent condition. With Werks11, you can expect top-notch services that meet the standards expected by Porsche enthusiasts and owners alike. Choose Werks11 Porsche specialists for expert care of your prized possession.


Porsche Specialist​







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What Our Clients Say

Werks 11 is great. They did phenomenal body/paint work on my ‘72 911. They did a side view mirror delete on the passenger side that required welding a paint blending. Swapped drivers side mirror and welded/painted extra holes. You can’t tell any work was done no matter how close you look. They color matched the back of my Cibie rally lights and painted from black to blue color of my hood......

Benjamin Lander


Thanks so much to the Werks 11 team for everything you did to get my car back in shape. You were honest, fair and communicated well. I will definitely recommend you all for any Porsche related work. It's more than worth the drive to Temple to work with such a competent and pleasant group.

Matt Kelly


I moved over a year to Temple-Belton area and I was concerned finding a good place to service my Porsche. Luckily I found Werks 11. They took an excellent care of my car. Pointed out all the issues with car to me and how they will fix. The knowledge they have on Porsches is impressive and prices very reasonably. I recommend this shop for those Porsche owners. You won't be disappointed. You don't have to go anymore to Austin, Dallas or Houston for a second to none Porsche services close home!

Damary Gonzalez

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